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LoreMaster.io is the online solution for creating and sharing fantasy worlds, with features to support and inspire your creative workflow as a world builder, both visually and textually

Save all your notes in one place for easy access

LoreMaster.io is your one-stop solution for all your Game- and Dungeon Master needs. Just log in and have everything you prepared ready for you on all platforms.

With the Lore System you don’t have to worry about losing any of your documents, you can just focus on creating the best game for you and your players!

Link everything for easy navigation

In LoreMaster.io you can link everything together! This allows you to easily navigate through your world as it becomes relevant. Does the bad guy live in the castle? Link the location with them.

Does he have a bunch of minions? Link them to him and the castle! This way you never have to spend time looking for the right documents, and you can instead focus 100% on the game! 

Build your world visually

At LoreMaster.io we know that a lot of Dungeon Masters are visual creators. Therefore, the Lore System allows for easy customizability of documents to visually help you navigate during session.

Furthermore, our Story Canvas allows you to take any image and create an interactive map quick and easy, so you never have to sift through pages of notes when your players choose to abandon all reason and go on a bender in the nearest city again! 

Gain Beta Access on Patreon

LoreMaster.io is still a work in progress, but if you would like to help us improve and become a solution tailored to your needs then support us on Patron and gain beta access!

Why LoreMaster.io?

Originally we created LoreMaster.io because we found that what exists out there for Game Masters, all lacked a certain ease-of-use. As we could only imagine that others felt the same, we sought to create our own solution designed to be intuitive, flexible and yet powerful, in order to better support the creative process of fantasy worldbuilding.

Are you still not sure LoreMaster.io is the solution for you?
Then take a gander at our FAQ!

What we've been up to recently

Update 30/6/2024, Shadowrun stat block, egyptian themed icons and bug fixes. An update just went live including:

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Update 2/5/2024, Improved Call of Cthulhu, Shadowrun and Archives of Nethys support – An update just went live including the following..

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Here are the patch notes for the 7/5/2024 update for LoreMaster.io:

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