Become a part of the Closed Alpha Test!

Become a part of the Closed Alpha Test!

The closed alpha has now ended! Thanks to all our participants. Keep an eye on our Twitter to see when the next chance to try out is.

Hello there once again! We have opened submissions to join our closed alpha test! If you just want to apply to be part of the test, you can do so by clicking here! But if you want to learn a bit more about why we are doing this alpha and what it will include, keep reading!

So first off, why are we doing an alpha test? We are still working on making As you might know from the about us page, we are four people on the team. We all love TTRPGs but we want to ensure that is not created for only us! We want the community’s input, your input! Our future users!

Something some of you may also already know, is that we are creating this as a part of a university study. The focus of which is what we can do to foster the creative writing process within This is still something that is somewhere in the future, but this closed alpha will hopefully also help us with testing some of these features in their earliest state, so we know if they actually work and add value for the users.

As mentioned, this is a closed alpha test. This is due to wanting to limit server costs. We are currently paying for everything out of pocket. One of the ways doing so is possible, is by limiting how many testers we have. Once we have the best possible product, we plan to throw a crowdfunding campaign. But for now, this is how we will be testing.

Features in the Alpha Test

Now, let us talk about what features will be in the alpha test. The Lore System, which we explained earlier when talking about testing it, has been updated to include easier navigation at places. Furthermore, the text editor has been enriched with more features. We have also moved away from including tables as a seperate content block, and now include them directly in the text blocks. Instead of the table block we have made the “Stat Block”! The stat block displays creatures and npcs of your world, complete with a possibility for a picture of your choice! The default stat block is set up for Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder, but it is customizable so you can make it work for the game system of your choice.

The Story Canvas is also going to be a big part of this test. As we have talked about it here and here, but we have yet to show you the latest updates to it. We have revamped the node creation dialogue. This makes it easier to use and alleviates some of the issues found during the initial testing. Furthermore, nodes on the the Story Canvas can change size. Lastly we have fixed the zoom functionality!

These are the features testers will be meeting and using. Behind the scenes we have set up a more extensive validation process as we are preparing for real users. It is not the most sexy to write about, but it is rather important!

Changes to the Developer Blog

As you may have noticed if you are a follower, the frequency of these developer blog posts is lowering. This is because as mentioned we are back to working on our studies besides this. It is also because we will be focusing more on the alpha test for the next couple of months. Therefore, this blog is going to be reserved for bigger announcements. Hopefully you understand!

That is all we have for now, be sure to keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook for updates on the alpha testing!

All the best!
The Team!


Hey Shawn, thanks for your interest. Unfortunately the Close Alpha has ended. But keep an eye on our social media to see when you’ll be able to try out!

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