Road Map

Vejen Forude... er stadig i den indeledende fase af udviklingen. Dette Roadmap viser hvad vi arbejder på og hvad du kan forvente i fremtiden…

World Sharing
Share worlds with other users

World sharing in its initial state will allow you to be able to share select pages with others. You can determine how much of the world the person you share with sees. In order to be able to share, both parties will need to have a account. This feature is not designed for collaboration on the same world, but rather to show others, for example your players if you’re GM’ing, your world and how it looks!

In-Line Linking
In-line and auto linking

In-line linking refers to the ability to link pages within lines of text. This feature would likely be introduced via some sort of tagging feature. For example if you were to write about a location in your world, and the first to discover that location was someone with their own page, you could write something like "The first one to discover this location was @Samaël the Firstburn" and the @ would create a direct link to his page, assuming a page by that name already exists, similar to adding someone on Twitter or Facebook.

Story Canvas Evolved
Drawing, searching and other features

The idea for the story canvas was to make a multitool that could be used both as an interactive map, but also as a canvas to create creatively on. We want to expand on this by evolving the story canvas with drawing tools so you can create, for example, a family tree, or set up a story arc visually. We also want to create a node search so you can easily find nodes in larger canvases. If you have any other ideas on how to improve the Story Canvas, please let us know!

New Stat Block & GM Tools
Initiative tracker, functional stat block

The current stat block is a simple template made with tables. The idea is to create a more functional stat block that you won't have to set up from scratch. Furthermore, creating this form of stat block opens up the way to encounter tracking in! The GM Tools we are thinking of here are a panel of different tools one could use for game mastering. This could for example include a calculator, an initiative tracker or a dice roller. We want to hear what small tools you think could ease your game mastering experience!

... The unknown
What comes after this is yet to be determined. Only the true scholars of the Lore, the so-called Masters of Lore can see further ahead and determine what comes next. If you wish to delve into their secrets, join them at Patreon!

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