Finally Time for Story Canvas Testing with Users!

Finally Time for Story Canvas Testing with Users!

Hello once again! Today we will be talking about how we will conduct the Story Canvas testing. Sorry for the radio silence on the dev blog for a few weeks, but we have been working hard! Have you checked out our new guides for worldbuilders? We are aiming for weekly posts with some of the information we have come across during our research.

But on to the meat of this post, the Story Canvas testing! Last time we showed you what the Story Canvas was and how we think it might be useful to worldbuilders. In this post we will go deeper into the individual features that we plan to test during this user testing phase.

The Story Canvas

The Story Canvas is the main feature to be tested. It is a big feature which encampsulates other features that we have to focus on. The Story Canvas is created to provide a big overview of the world. Therefore, a feature we have added is to hide the navigation. We will be testing if this is intuitive and useful.

The Media Library

All images the user upload are linked to their account and stored in the Media Library. During the testing we will investigate whether using the Media Library is intuitive. We will look into if the dialogue for selecting an image for the Story Canvas is intuitive, or if we need to change it.

The Nodes

The main feature of the Story Canvas is the nodes. The nodes are the markings a user makes on the Story Canvas. The system saves the location of these nodes. The nodes have an icon and a name with different stylings available. The creation and editing process of these nodes needs to be tested. Furthermore, we will examine whether or not it is intuitive to use the nodes.

The Node Panel

When clicking a node, that node’s panel will appear in the right side of the screen. Within this node panel, there will be a small textbox for quick notes regarding what the node symbolizes. Furthermore, this will be where you can link other documents within the world for easy access. We will investigate whether the node panel is easy to use and understand. We will also examine how users will interact with the quick notes and the linked content in the panel.

Linked Content

Linked content is one of the big features we will be adding with the Story Canvas. In we want the user to be able to quickly link everything so they can navigate to necessary documents with one click! Linking content is limited to the Node Panel, but we are working on adding it to the entire Lore System! First however, we need to know if they way the linking works is intuitive to the user!

The other stuff

The Story Canvas testing is the main priority. However, the changes made to the Lore System based on the results from the first round of testing also need to be tested. You can read about them here. We will also be testing whether these changes seem more intuitive to the user.

The world creation dialogue was intuitive to the users but still had small issues. This dialogue has been revamped based om feedback from the user testing. The new dialogue will be tested and further changed if necessary.

We also found that users wanted to use right-click for editing and creating. A contextual right-click menu is now multiple places in the Lore System. We will be testing whether these menus work as intended, and are understandable by the user.

We plan for this round of testing to take place during the second half of next week. If you want to be a part of this round of testing, we have activated our sign up site, otherwise you can contact us on Twitter and Facebook!

That’s all for now, until next time, all the best!
The Team


Hejsa. Jeg ansøgte om mulighed for at teste jeres system, men har ikke hørt noget tilbage fra jer. Er der lukket for testere?

Hej Anders.

Dem der har ansøgt regner vi med får nærmere besked inden for de næste par dage. 🙂

Vh Christian

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