LoreMaster.IO FAQ

LoreMaster.io FAQ

Originally we created LoreMaster.io because we found that what exists out there for Game Masters, all lacked a certain ease-of-use. Different aspects of the solutions just felt unintuitive to use for us, and if we felt that way as TTRPG nerds and designers ourselves, we could only imagine how that experience might be for others. 

That’s why our goal is to make LoreMaster.io the best, most intuitive, and easiest Game Master solution to jump right into and create in. We love fantasy worlds, and we want to see them thrive in the best way possible. We believe that way is through LoreMaster.io! Be the master of your own world!

What is LoreMaster.io?

LoreMaster.io is a worldbuilding platform, based around a fully customisable file structure with multiple types of file that you can use to organise your content to your heart’s content! Our foremost goal is to create a platform that allows the user to organise their content exactly the way that they deem is optimal for themselves!

Why should I use LoreMaster.io instead of other solutions?

We are avid TTRPG players ourselves, and something that’s always bothered us is that existing solutions often seem unintuitive and can be hard to use as a new user. Therefore, our primary goal is to create a platform that is user-friendly and intuitive, alongside giving the user the option to organise it in whatever way they see fit. That is the primary motivation that we as creators have for developing LoreMaster.io, and we hope the users feel the same!

What can I expect from this Beta?

Head on over to Patreon and see for yourself! LoreMaster.io is still in development, and there are many features that we want to develop in the future. However, the application is currently in a great state that we can introduce to our users! For the time being, the primary functionality is the content creation and the file organisation, and the excellent user experience!

How do I gain access to the Beta?

It’s very simple! Just follow this step-by-step guide and you’ll have access to the Beta of LoreMaster.io!

  • Go to:
    The LoreMaster.io Patreon
  • Subscribe to any tier that you want!
  • Wait up to 48 hours to receive your access key and instructions to use it! We apologise for the delay, but we have to send them out manually!
  • Go to app.loremaster.io, create your account, and enjoy!

Can I have more than one world on LoreMaster.io?

You absolutely can! So long as we’re still in Beta, all beta users can have multiple worlds that they can edit and create content for!

How are you storing our data?

We will be storing your data on a fully GDPR-compliant server, with a full host of best-in-practice security features. Our full content policy can be found at:

LoreMaster.io Terms

What is your final vision for LoreMaster.io?

There are of course a plethora of features that we wish to implement to LoreMaster.io! However, as we are currently only a team of 4, features will come online one by one! Our final vision is of course, based on the system implemented so far! Go ahead and visit our Roadmap  to see our plans for the immediate future!

LoreMaster.io Roadmap

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