Monster Designer and Summoner class

Monster Designer and Summoner class

5E Monster Designer

Recently got a chance to test out the new 5E Monster Designer tool from Knight Vision Creative. They’ve put together the easiest to use tool to help quickly design monsters for 5th edition. You can plug in your desired CR, adjust the suggested stats, and get a breakdown of your monster’s current CR. You can subscribe here to get your free copy:

5E Summoner Class

Knight Vision Creative has an upcoming Kickstarter where they will be releasing a summoning class for 5E. This supplement is jam-packed full of new content for your fifth edition games:

  • Summoner class with three subclasses
  • New weapons and armor
  • New beasts
  • New feats
  • New chaos magic table
  • New spells
  • Fully illustrated

Get access to exclusive offers and huge discounts on their kickstarter here:

LoreMaster Play Test

We even got to play test this amazing summoner class, you can read about the setting and see the recording of the playtest below!

The Trials of the Coldforge Gauntlet

Three brothers are representing the Order of the Summoners in the Coldforge Gauntlet, a trial held every year for the city’s most accomplished. It is often used as a proving ground for mercenary companies, nobility looking for bodyguards, and those with coin looking for adventurers able to complete difficult assignments. The 1,000 gold piece prize for winning draws many as well.

The first round, everyone faces off against some sort of foe meant to weed out the weak.

The second round occurs five minutes later where you will face off against a previous victor.

The third round you face off against another hopeful set of three adventurers.

There have been accidents before, but there are clerics on hand to ensure the combats are non-lethal.

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