New Video, Refactoring, and Banner Images!

New Video, Refactoring, and Banner Images!

Hello again and welcome to another update from us here at It has been a while since we last let you know about what is happening behind the scenes. The reason is that a lot of stuff has happened, but most of it has been very “under the hood”. In this post we will update you on what has been happening, where we are in development, and our new video!

We want to start this post off by showing our new promotional video. In it you will see some of the new stuff we have been working on. Afterwards we will expand upon them. We made it to quickly give new followers an idea of what exactly is.

Our new promotional video.

This video is also available to watch on our Facebook and Twitter profiles. If you have any friends you think might be interested in what we are doing here, we would love if you would share it with them!

The New Banners

As you might have seen in the video, we have added a new visual element to the story pages and the node panel. The idea is that you are able to add an image to the top of the page or panel, and that can help you either get into the right mindset during the session, or maybe make the page more presentable if you wish to show it off.

As you can see the used of these banners can be vary. Just like with the story canvas, there is no right answer on how to use them, and only your imagination can limit it.

Mobile Optimization

During our closed alpha we found that some user wanted to access their world on the go. This is something we have always wanted to prioritize (We even mention it on the front page). We found however that the experience was quite lacking. Therefore, we have updated the experience. In the screenshots below you can see how you can experience your world on mobile in

The main navigation has been changed to be an overlay that is closed by default. This is because there is so much less screen to work with. This is different from the browser and tablet version in which the navigational panel is available by default, and it pushes the main content rather than overlays. We are still missing some mobile optimization, such as pinching to zoom on story canvases, but we are working on it!

Refactoring the Back-End

As mentioned in the last developer update, we were focusing a lot on the refactoring of the back-end. This was necessary for multiple reasons. This project was started during our studies, and some of us are still studying and learning. As we develop must develop along with us. When we started out we wanted to add all the features we wanted rapidly, and the back-end architecture suffored for it. It worked of course, but it was not optimized in any way. Just like with building a fantasy world, if you just add more and more details and pieces of lore without sometimes revising what you started out with, inconsistencies can happen, and those inconsitencies can become your downfall.

That is why we have spent a couple of months completely refactoring and reworking the basics of how gathers and stores your data. It is faster now, and it is much easier to keep building onto without any issues arising. We are still finishing up the last part of this process, but when it is done, will be much better for it.

That is all for this update. Hope you are looking as much forward to trying as we are to have you try it! Keep your eyes on our socials or sign up to our newsletter to know when something new is happening. We promise it will not be too long!

Kind regards
The Team!

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