Pathfinder 2e Tools and Resources

Pathfinder 2e Tools and Resources

Pathfinder Second Edition is rather popular these days, and a lot of people are switching over from Dungeons & Dragons 5e due to the poor decisions made by Wizards of the Coast / Hasbro executives with the release of their new OGL 1.1.

Personally we have been looking into the Pathfinder 2e system and in this process we came across some amazing Pathfinder 2e tools and resources to ease the transition from D&D 5e to Pathfinder 2e, and thought why not share our little list with you guys!

Archives of Nethys - pathfinder 2e rules

Archives of Nethys

The amazing official online reference material for Pathfinder Second Edition, neatly organized and well explained!

Pathbuilder2e - character creation for Pathfinder 2e player characters

Pathbuilder 2 – Character Creation

This is an amazing Pathfinder 2e Tool for both planning and creating characters – you can plan you character all the way to level 20, and then just level up as you get stronger – brilliant concept!

5e Race to PF2e Ancestry and heritage comparison

Visual Comparison 5E & PF2 – Race to Ancestry and heritage comparison

This is a super useful spreadsheet made by
u/Metal-Wolf-Enrif that compares the the most fitting Pathfinder 2e ancestry and heritage for each D&D 5e race!

RGBBOT - Pathfinder 2e

RPGBOT – Pathfinder 2e

Experimenting with your class and what works for you is always the way forward and always more important than optimization. But as there are a lot of choices to be made in Pathfinder 2e character creation, some inspirational example builds are always welcome!

Nonat1s – a dedicated Pathfinder 2e channel

Nonat1s is a YouTube channel dedicated to Pathfinder 2e. We’ve worked with him before, and he has helped us to understand how we can better support Pathfinder 2e in Recently Nonat1s has produced a lot of videos lately to cover the recent changes regarding the OGL. Beyond that he has also made some very useful videos for newcomers and specifically newcomers from D&D 5e. So if you are looking for a good YouTube channel to get you going with Pathfinder 2e Nonat1s is definitely a good place to go!

Sinclair’s Library

Beyond super useful videos, Nonat1s is also working on modules for Pathfinder 2e; Sinclair’s Codex – a compendium of 150 NPCs and Sinclair’s Almanac, which offers a large addition of character options for your players!

How It’s Played’s – Pathfinder 2e

A great deal of videos will do well to explain the rules Pathfinder 2e, but How It’s Played has made an extensive playlist where he introduces more or less all there is to know. There is a lot to take in, but the rules are very well explained and are covered in bite sized videos!

We hope that you found this little list of Pathfinder 2e Tools and Resources useful. In case you are a Game Master and / or worldbuilder we also have a lot of other guides that you can checkout using the links below – Good luck and happy building!

Best of wishes from the Team

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