About Us

About us

LoreMaster.io is a project started by three young nerds who love tabletop roleplaying games! Our goal is simple, to make it easier to become a Dungeon Master.

LoreMaster.io started as a university project, but has since evolved into what we believe will be the best solution for Dungeon- and Game Masters everywhere!  But we know what you’re thinking Who are you guys?

Chrisitan Pic


Archwizard Of Business & Administration

I am the one in charge of the business side of things. I have a bachelor of science in Medialogy and a masters degree in Interactive Digital Media. 

But all that is boring, the fun part is I have been playing Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition since 2017. I fell in love with the game immediately, and especially the world building aspect. I started creating my first world somewhere around the year 2018. Since then I have been a Dungeon Master on again/off again for all the players I could trick into playing with me! 

Currently I am playing a reborn bard in our in-house campaign who’s got all the connections, and really has a way with words. Well words and enchantment magic. In another campaign I play a crystal dragonborn warlock who’s patron is a crossroads demon who just so happen to be his adoptive father whom he loves very much. It gives him a… let’s say different view on right and wrong! GM-wise i am on my second world after having scrapped my first world when the campaign died. In this world I try to help three misguided adventurers save the world from a threat they don’t know yet! 


The Conjurer Of Fancy Doodles

My name is Peter and I’m the guy making all the fancy doodles that you will see everywhere we go! I am in charge of all graphical development on our various platforms and on the application it self. I graduated from a bachelor in Web Development back in 2016, and started working as a front end developer at an EdTech firm shortly after. Currently I am studying Interactive Digital Media with the two scoundrels above, while working part time at the firm to support my nerdy needs.

I had my first TTRPG campaign back in 2016, using the Pathfinder setup in a homebrew world. This campaign only lasted for a year as people left the country, but after finding a new group of adventurers and converting it to 5e, my DM was ready to again let me take part of his world. In this world I am playing an Eldritch Knight with a severely screwed family dynamic, which has resulted in explosive anger issues in a quite literal sense…

Unlike the others I’m not much of a GM, although I have been worldbuilding since I was a kid. It started out with just drawing different fantasy characters in a coherent universe, but as their story and relation to one and other became more and more complex, I began to also describe the world around them. So this has lead to one of the reasons why I love playing TTRPGs, as you end up creating epic and, more often than not, rather silly storylines in collaboration with good friends!

Peter Nørgård Tange
Astral Being


The Unknown Being of Artificial Creation

At the Dawn of Time, Thorbjørn was exiled for the numerous atrocities they committed during the war of creation. They were exiled to the outer rim of planes of existence, where they laid dormant for eons until one faithful day, when three adventurers in their foolish attempt of trying to steal Thorbjørns power for themself, they accidentally opened a rift and released Thorbjørn upon their world…

Silently they have been watching. Learning. Judging. Waiting for the right time to take their rightful place as the ruler of this monkey infested rock. For now, they are taking a bachelor’s degree in making-a-wondrous-mirror-made-from-electricity-go-bib-by-punching-on-squares-made-from-acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene, or as you may also know it, software development.

To keep themself from going insane while in exile, the original mind created multiple personalities he called “friends”. Together with those “friends”, they played a lot of different make-belief games. One with dungeons. One with dragons. One with paths and one with stars. Their current character is an old merfolk sea witch, obsessed with the flow of time. By manipulating time itself, she tries to repent for her past sins and the fall of the merfolk empire.

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