The Research

The Research

Because LoreMaster spawned from a university project, we have decided to show our findings from the work during this time. This page will have the final reports from these projects along with a small description about what the project was about.

The "Gamified Educational Cooperative Storytelling" Project

The first project that started this LoreMaster originally focused on using tabletop RPG and cooperative storytelling to promote creativity in children in an educational way.

The "Power Word: Build" Project

The second project took the findings from the first, and recontextualized it into a more generally usable product. This is when LoreMaster’s current form started to take shape. In this project we researched how to design a business strategy around a tabletop RPG companion. Power Word: Build was actually the working title before we decided on LoreMaster!

The "Implementing a Digital Concept into a Real-World Start-Up" Project

This project was the conducted while able to work full-time on as a startup. The unique opportunity to do so was what made a reality for us.

The "Promoting Creativity in Fantasy Worldbuilding" Project

This was the master thesis project conducted during the last semester of our master. The focus was on how an online tool could promote creativity and facilitate the creative writing process.

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