How To

How to use

This is a collection of small guides on how to use and generally improve your experience with the application as it is.

This list will be updated as the solution expands, but there maybe be inconsistencies in how the application is visualized here and how it actually looks as the system is still in development.

How to add and move documents!

Adding documents and document types

To add a document you can click in the lower section of the left side panel (we tend to call it the Lore System because we are weird). Alternatively you can right click on either the section body or direction on another document to create a new document beneath it – making it a nested or child document. You can also add a Sub Section instead which is just an undefined menu item – this can then later be made into either a Story Canvas or a Lore Page!

Moving documents

To move a document you can simply use drag-and-drop! Using drag and drop you can move the document underneath other document, alter the order or move them to another section. To move a document to another section you 1. Drag the document and hover over the section you want to move it to for 2 seconds 2. Continue to hold / drag the document and drop it within the body of the you just opened by hovering over it’s icon section:

How to create Nodes on the Story Canvas!

Nodes are made in the Story Canvas – the Story Canvas is generally used for interactive maps, but can also be used for things like story overviews, family trees etc. although since it doesn’t have a line tool yet it does have it’s restrictions.

On the Story Canvas you can right click to create a Node, which you can give a name and a visual style:

This Node will beyond being an instance on your map also have its own Node Panel: Here you can add a banner, create links and add a description. When you link something you can choose to set the link as Open directly in session mode which will make it so that when you lock content / enter session mode, you will follow that link upon clicking the Story Canvas Node rather than opening it’s Node Panel.

How to insert and use block templates and statblocks

To Insert at Block Template, click Add Content Block and choose Browse Templates, a window will open allowing you to choose the template you want to use.

Changing the media of a block template with an image

If you chose a block template that has an image as part of it, such as a statblock, you can change the image by right clicking on the image and then selecting the option Image…. This allows you to insert an URL and change the image.

How to insert an uploaded or media library image into a block template image

If you want to use an image from your Media Library or upload a new one, you need to create an image block and access the Media Library. From here you can upload the image and then right click to select Copy Image Address, now go to the statblock and insert the URL. 

– Note that this is a temporary method and something we have been delaying fixing for far too long – we apologize, but other things have taken priority!

How to change color of SVG elements in blocks

You can change the color of SVG elements on the Title Block, Title Scroll, Divider Subtle and the Divider, as well as the background color for the traits on the PF2 stat block. It also works on the divider in the Token Header block, but sadly not on the artwork around the image as it blocked the ability to change and resize the image.

1) Click on the element you want to change the color of

2) Select a color through the Background-color button in the text editor toolbar

Give a more app like feel

Watch the videos below to see how you can give a more app like feel on your tablet, iPad or smartphone!