Various small updates between 6/9/2023 and 5/1/2024, Image editing options, new theme picker and themes, and various small changes

Various small updates between 6/9/2023 and 5/1/2024, Image editing options, new theme picker and themes, and various small changes

Hi there fellow builders of worlds!
Here are the patch notes for various small updates between 6/9/2023 and 5/1/2024 for

Additions & Improvements

  • 4 new community block from KablewithaK in the discord
  • Some minor changes to the banner styling to make it more consistent when in-world
  • 20 new icons
  • A bunch of new themes and a better theme picker!
  • A bunch of new fonts!
  • Image Classes You can now add a class when you add an image or edit an existing image, to define its style / layout – currently you can choose between 27 different styling classes. Feel free to suggest other classes but keep in mind that this class goes directly on to the image tag, meaning no other elements or pseudo elements can be added sadly!
  • Image Margins + Custom CSS Allowing you to set a horizontal and vertical margins as well add custom css styling to your images.
  • Icon and Image “Copy Source Path” button, which allows you to easy copy the path of either an image (using the Media Library) or an icon (using the Icon Picker) and insert the path into a text box image.
  • Changes to Column, Image Left, Image Right blocks to utilize the table resize functionality, and allow more customizable column size – additionally the columns now allow the image to overflow horizontally.
  • You can now change vertical alignment and background color for tables through the quick menu, rather than having to use the cell settings from the toolbar
  • Added some missing autofocus upon entering “edit” dialogs
  • Better styling for world-edit
  • Various minor styling improvements
  • Minor improvements for session mode / locked mode, so that the node panel text editor spawns locked, and the document title isn’t greyed out.
  • Clicking on the active section header will no longer collapse the section, but it will still set the section as parent – for the purpose of creating documents at the root of the section
  • Double clicking on the active section header will now open the edit name and icon dialog
  • Some annoying tooltips have now been removed – the ones that would keep reminding you that you can right click.
  • Improvements of editor dialogs on phones
  • Revert of the vertical drag image resizer for floating and overflowing images
  • Pathfinder 2e font selector label changed to make sense

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed z-index issue
  • Fix for inaccessible corner buttons
  • Fixed issue with inspiration panel on phone and other tiny devices
  • Some CSS cleanup
  • Z-index fix for links panel
  • Color fix for NPC block when using light background theme
  • Story canvas Lore section min-height fix
  • Fix for the NPC and Monster stat blocks so that the HP bar won’t take up two rows unless they have a lot of health.
  • A little fix for the odd bobbing of the logo on the login page, causing it to move to the side a few pixels every now and then.
  • Add docment icon no longer turns into a tiny little dot when the parent document title is long.
  • hot fix for the “Blocks not being deleted until page refresh” bug
  • A fix for the “Copy Icon URL Source” button on the Node Editor dialog, which caused the button to have a larger hitbox than it’s visible box – which also caused hovering over the icon to create horizontal overflow.
  • Fixed pixel error in the image banner mask.
  • Fix for the add section dialog; the platform will no longer throw an absolute tantrum if you try to use special characters in the section title
  • Z-index fixes for editor UI

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