Making the Best Game Master Workshops!

Making the Best Game Master Workshops!

Hello there, it’s been quite a while! Here at we have been working behind the scenes with the closed alpha, and with optimizing the Lore System. We have however also been working on the ideas of Game Master workshops! And that is what the bulk of this post will concern.

But first an update on where we are with The closed alpha ended a month and a half ago. Since then we have worked on the feedback we got as well as on optimizing and refracturing the backend. This optimization has a purpose we will not be sharing yet, but keep your eyes peeled on our social media come the end of August, we are sure you will like it!

The Workshop Types

So you might be wondering: “What’s all this about workshops then?” Well about a month ago the academic journey started on ended. You can read more about this journey, as well as all the project reports here. As part of the closed alpha we also ran a test for a tool which would help inspire the creative writing process. This tool will get its own blog post later, but for now the important part is that, as part of this project, we here at conducted a Game Master Workshop. This workshop was built around the knowledge about game mastering and creative writing for TTRPG which we amassed during the project. We found the workshop was a success, and therefore we want to do more workshops like it!

Along with this blogpost, a Twitter poll will be conducted to see which, if any, of the game master workshop ideas our community finds interesting! We have four different ideas for game master workshops.

Community Powered GMing

Collaborative Game Mastering

This workshop will see a group of game masters sit down together and present what they are currently working on, be it a part of their world or a story arc for the players. The other participants will then be able to chime in with ideas, and the creation process will become collaborative.

Share Creation Methods

Worldbuilding and GM Methods

This workshop will be more focused on the methods that creators use during the creative process. An example would be a NPC focused workshop. In this example, participating game masters would take turns at first presenting how they go about creating important NPC’s, and then the participants would discuss the different methods and try them out with creating an NPC.

Visual Concept Creation

Illustrative Worldbuilding

This workshop would be more focused on illustrative creators and the visually creative. Participating game masters would sit down together and illustrate their own, or each others worlds. The visual creation process would become collaborative much in the same way explained with collaborative game mastering.

Community powered NPCs

Community Game Mastering

This idea would not necessarily take the form of a workshop, but the idea is that a game master would present the current world situation from the point of view of an important NPC such the main evil guy or maybe the guild master of the PC guild. Other GMs would then chime in with how the character would react if these GMs were playing that character. This could potentially lead to a longer collaboration between two GMs where they essentially “play” an important NPC in the other’s campaign.

Before we move forward with any of these workshops, we would love any and all feedback. If you have any, please leave it in the comment section here or head over to the Twitter poll and vote and comment. We look forward to hearing your thoughts!

All the best!
The Team!

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