Update 12/4/2024, Improved responsibility and bug fixes

Update 12/4/2024, Improved responsibility and bug fixes

Hi there fellow builders of worlds!
Here are the patch notes for the 12/4/2024 update for LoreMaster.io:

A little update just went live! not very exciting as it’s mainly some visual bugfixes and improvements, and responsive shenanigans – but it also includes some icons, so there’s that at least!


  • Label overflow and Story Canvas will no longer cut of long names and instead wrap them if needed
  • Basic style and raised style for label now use a more fitting font size and container size
  • Fix for canvas pin style node icon being cut of on the Safari browser
  • Minor compatibility improvements to the pdf viewer
  • New icons and some visual improvements for existing ones!
  • P.S. You might have to clear your cache to see the icon updates!

Also we are again sorry for the lack of updates, we are still working towards world sharing and working on a lot of improvements in the dark eldritch void that is our backend, in a desperate attempt to avoid unforeseen horrors once the many realms of Loremasterio grows beyond their current borders! Happy build’n folks!

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