Update 24/4/2024, Source and System Survey

Update 24/4/2024, Source and System Survey

So the next side project for LoreMaster (aside from world sharing) will be to make LoreMaster more “copy paste” friendly!

Meaning copying say a statblock from 5eTools or Archives of Nythys into an empty statblock will be converted to a version of it using LoreMaster styling and using the theme colors set by your chosen theme! Currently we have the following sources and content types in mind as our priority:


  • Monster / NPC statblocks, spells, items, feats, deities, backgrounds, races, Class main body etc.
  • Class progression table
  • Generic table handling

Archives of Nythys

  • Creature statblocks, gear, items, spells, class details
  • Generic table handling, with hover content (will require a specific block)

BUT we need your input! So with this in mind we would love a bit of help from you fine people to figure out which sources and types of content to prioritize! So to help us with this we would love if you could spear a minute of your time to fill out this little survey:

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