Welcome to the LoreMaster Development Blog

Welcome to the LoreMaster Development Blog

Hello, and welcome to our blog!

Here we will periodically post updates on how the development of LoreMaster is progressing, and what stage of development we’re currently in.

This blog will also be where we geek out about developments in the world of Dungeons and Dragons, and how they might affect LoreMaster!

You can read about us on our About Us page if you want to get to know us better, and know who we are!

Currently we are working on setting up the backend systems of the LoreMaster document structure, what we have internally come to call the “Lore System”. You can see some graphical mockups of what we are working towards here:

As you can see, there is quite a lot to it, and as this is a mockup, some features which are still far away in the future are included in it. The features we are currently working on getting to a testable state are the document structure, seen to the left in the image, as well as the Image, Table, and Text “Blocks” which can be placed on the page. Furthermore, in the third picture you can see the linked content pointing to relevant pages throughout your LoreMaster world. We plan this to be a recurring feature throughout the application, to allow for easy navigation for the DM.

The Stats “Block” feature and the inspiration feature you might notice in the mock up image are not currently in our scope, but are features planned for later development periods.

Our goal for this development period is to have a testable version of the Lore System features by late October, and test them during November while our developers will then go into the second development period which will focus on what we have chosen to call the Story Canvas.

We intend the Story Canvas to be a multi-tool usable for many things. At it’s simplest, it is simply different nodes on a blank page, or an background image, which all have text and easy referencing to other pages, but there too many potential use-cases to list here. In the gallery above, you can see a Story Canvas that utilizes an uploaded background image to create a world map with locations, and a story canvas which utilizes the nodes as different parts of the session and how they are linked. This can, on a broader scope, be used to structure potential narrative in your campaign. As mentioned before, the linked content feature is seen here as well, to allow easy navigation across your world.

We hope to have the first testable iteration of the Story Canvas feature done by late November with testing progressing through December.

Our final goal for this first leg of LoreMaster development is to have these features ready for an Alpha Version that can be shown as a proof of concept to early users by January, and with that in hand our goal is to launch a Kickstarter to cover further development of this project.

We hope to be able to share more progress with you soon, we promise you, we are just getting started!

All the best,

Christian, Jonas, Peter & Thorbjørn


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