Our pretty new website, and a Lore System update!

Our pretty new website, and a Lore System update!

Hello! It’s been a couple of weeks since we started this dev blog, so we figured it was time for an update.

As you might have noticed, our frontpage looks a little different! We now advertise the fantastic features we plan to include in the first wave. We figured we might as well go a bit more into detail here!

Easy Document Structure

The easy document structure which we speak of is actually the Lore System navigation. You might have already seen it in our previous post, but the layered document structure is based on the types of software we know Dungeon Masters already use!

Based in Scientific Research

When we say that LoreMaster is based on scientfic research, we know that it can sound a bit presumptuous. But as we mention on our about us page, the LoreMaster project started out as a university project! We have done a lot of research into how to properly design a clean user interface usable by everyone. We have also looked into how to tailor it specifically to have all of the features that Dungeon Masters may need. If you want to see our findings, the reports we did on our university projects can be found here.

High Level of Customizability

The high level of customizability we mention pertains to the naviagtion. Our “Conjurer of Fancy Doodles” Peter has carefully crafted a library of icons for you. You can use these to make your world in LoreMaster easily readable and navigable to YOU. You can customize the icons in the navigations to easily ensure that you have a high level of visual recognition! Below is a small taste of what some of these icons can be.

Fast Navigation

When we say there is fast navigation in LoreMaster what we mean is simply this: Everything can be linked! If you have one page for a character and another for a location, you can easily link these two pages. Once these pages are linked, you can access them from oneanother with the press of a button.

The Story Canvas

We described the Story Canvas in our first blog post, when we mentioned the two major priorities of the first development cycle. To quickly remind you, the Story Canvas is our multitool for visually structuring whatever you want! We give examples of it used as a map or an event tree, but how you want to use it is up to you. It is, as it’s name suggests, a canvas for you to use however you would like.

Be A Part of Multiple Worlds

In LoreMaster you can share your world, and be a part of other worlds. The worlds you create can help inspire others, and conversely you can draw inspration from other user’s worlds! You might even give other users editing rights if you want to collaborate. You can also use this functionality to share world-lore with your players!

An update on the development process!

We have also been hard at work at realizing the Lore System. The document structure has been set up, and is working as intended! The creation of new pages is what we are currently working on and what is the next priority. Below you can see a few screenshots of how the current version of the Lore System looks in reality!

As you can see the layout of the document structure is coming along. When opening your world, the world dashboard will show up allowing you to choose between creating a Story Page or a Story Canvas. As we have mentioned before, the Story Page is what we call the blank pages which will have most of the story, or other text elements that you write on it. The Story Page will be able to contain images, text, and tables, and it will be structured in a block-like manner to ease readabilty. If you work on one document and press “Add New Document” in the bottom, you will be presented with the view in the third screenshot. You can select the document type, and you can see where in your structure it will be placed. You might also notice the “Menu Folder” option here. This is a blank item that you can use simply for note structuring purposes.

We look forward to beeing able to show you more, but for now we will bunker down, keep at the development, and build our hype for Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything!

All the best,
Christian, Jonas, Peter and Thorbjørn!


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