The Lore System, The Content Blocks, and Calling for Testers!

The Lore System, The Content Blocks, and Calling for Testers!

Hello, once again it is time to let you guys in on how far we have come. Over the last couple of weeks, we have been working on getting navigation of The Lore System to a testable state. We are slowly getting there, but we are still getting the last details ready. This blog post will cover what we have been working on currently, as well as the Content Blocks, which is the next step in the development!

What are we currently working on?

These last couple of weeks, the focus has been on getting the core structure finished. While we have the navigation set up visually, the backend still needed some work to be able to save properly. We are also working on gettin authentification to work. For those of you not that tech savvy, that basically means that we are working on everything running smoothly behind the scenes, and allowing you guys to log in to your specific worlds when we launch.

Above is a screenshot from the current version. Visually the view of a page is still very similar to what we showed you last post. This is because as mentioned functionality has been the focus. But you might notice the “Add Content Blocks” button, which in this screenshot has been pressed. When pressed the red bar you see below appears to allow the user to add one of those content blocks. And those are what we will be looking into next.

Content Blocks? What are those?

The content blocks are how the standard documents in LoreMaster is structured. This block structure will make it easier to navigate between different content on the same pages. In the image above are four content blocks, Image, Table, Text, and Stats. As we have mentioned before on this blog, the stats block is however currently not in the scope of development. Instead we will be Focusing on Image-, Table- and Text blocks.

The Image block is simple. This is where you will upload any images that may go with the content on this page. It could be pictures of characters, visual headers, location images and more.

The Table block will allow you to make tables for whatever you may need. Need a table to roll on for random encounters? Maybe you need the wares of a merchant neatly set up. Tables are undeniably a big part of many tabletop RPG’s, so we have decided to make tables it’s own block.

Lastly the Text block is, as you might imagine, for adding text. LoreMaster will come with a rich text editor, with all of the features for editing text you know from other editors. For the tech savvy out there, we will be building the text blocks around the TinyMCE library.

These blocks are what we will be working on for the next couple of weeks to get the Lore System ready for user testing. Now here’s the thing, we want users who know how to DM, so we can have some relevant and accurate feedback on what we have created. The testing will likely take place in week 43 and 44.

If you want to be one of the user testers of LoreMaster you can do so here, or by contacting us on Twitter or Facebook. We look forward to hearing from you.

That is all for now, but we look forward to sharing when we have more! Until then, all the best!

Christian, Jonas, Peter and Thorbjørn!

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