It is Finally Time For The Lore System User Testing!

It is Finally Time For The Lore System User Testing!

As mentioned in our last blog post, we were looking for user testers for the Lore System. We are happy to announce that we got even more applicants than we hoped for! In this blog post I will go through what we will be testing in the first user testing period.

The World Sections

The current iteration of the Lore System allows you to set up your world with either pre-determined sections, or sections you determine yourself. These sections are the upper-most level of navigation. The pre-determined ones are World, Characters, Locations, and General Notes. This structure is based on interviews we conducted with Dungeon Masters as part of our Masters Degree. In case you want a different structure however, you can instead choose the sections you want, complete with what icon you want to represent it with for easy navigation!

The Navigation

We have explained the navigation in earlier blog posts, so we will not go too in-depth with the explanation. We will be testing to make sure the navigation is easy and intuitive to use. The drag and drop functionality has been implemented so moving story pages around is easy!

The Lore Page

We will be thoroughly testing the Lore Page functionality. As we plan for the Lore Page to be the main document used, it is important for this functionality to work properly! To ensure that we will be testing both the creation of new story pages, as well as the editing of existing Lore Pages. This encompasses renaming and changing the icon, to make sure these functions work properly. In the screenshot below you can see the Lore Page settings.

As part of testing the Lore Page, we will also be testing…

The Content Blocks

In the last blog post we also mentioned the content blocks and what they were. But now that they are actually implemented into, we wanted to show them to you!

That’s the plan for the user testing! Once we have some results we will be eager to share them with you, and look at how we can make even better! Until then we recommend you checkout our Twitter and Instagram! We are starting to post more to engage with the community we love!

All the best!
The Team!


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