The Best Resources To Help With Creating Your NPCs

The Best Resources To Help With Creating Your NPCs

Hey there! Last time we showed you some resources for creating maps for your world. This time we will be showing you some resources to help when creating NPCs.

So, as any DM knows, creating NPCs can be an incredible hassle at times. Sometimes you have to make them up on the fly, but usually, it’s a good idea just to have them prepared, and then have a backlog to grab from in case of emergency. However, it can be nice to have some inspiration to help you when you are creating NPCs! That’s where these tools come in handy!

I will say, a lot of these are quite similar, and it might come down to personal preference of what you want and need! But I’ll quickly go over them all!

Link – 

A screenshot from

A very simple and aptly named website, this is probably all you are going to need to create your NPCs, so you can just ignore the rest! I will go over them anyways, but seriously, this one probably has everything you need. The ability to select a race, gender, alignment, occupation, class… A lot of customisability, but also with the ability to just leave it random! The names can leave a little to be desired, however that can be combined with something like , which will not get it’s own entry on this list, but is hands down the best and most comprehensive name generator on the internet. So this applies to all entries on this list, names can always be switched out!

Kassoon’s NPC Generator

Link – 

A screenshot from Kasoon’s NPC Generator.

Another very comprehensive NPC generator, it’s less customisable than the previous one, but still provides a lot of the same detail. Has a different selection of factors to consider, so you might like this one better!

Negatherium’s NPC Generator

Link – 

A screenshot from Negatherium’s NPC Generator.

More options, but less output compared to some of the others. Allows you to be very specific about what job you want the NPC generated to have, should you so desire. However, the end-output is perhaps a little less specific.

DonJon’s Random Generator

Link –

A screenshot from DonJon’s random generator for NPCs.

Just need a lot of loosely described NPCs, quickly? This one might be for you. DonJon’s Fantasy Random Generator can do a lot of things, but NPCs is one of them!

There are a lot more out there on the internet, but these are the ones I personally use and can recommend! I hope you find some use for them!

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